Looking after your eyes!

Having a regular eye test with your optician is the best way to make sure that your eyes are healthy. Some sight-threatening conditions, such as glaucoma, often have no symptoms and could cause you to lose sight before you notice a difference. An eye examination can pick up these conditions making sure that you get any sight saving treatment you need.

Local Limavady lady Teresa Taggart discovered the first class service available from her local optician, Visioncare. Teresa has worn glasses since childhood and is a firm advocate of regular check-ups:

“I’ve been going to the opticians from a very young age (3). I need regular eye health checks every two years and finding a good optician has always been high on my list of priorities. When I was 6, I developed a squint in one of my eyes. Again, getting the right prescription and advice was critical to managing the diagnosis.

“I’ve visited a number of practices across the island of Ireland and I have to say that finding Visioncare in Limavady has really transformed my life. When I met local optician, Ronan McKenna, I was interested in finding prescription polarised sunglasses https://youtu.be/EOaCXvsYsuk or https://www.essilor.co.uk/index.php/Products/xperio_polarising as well as everyday glasses. The team at Visioncare advised me to focus on my main pair of glasses initially and to call in after a few months to examine the new summer sunglasses ranges and pick a frame that was to my taste. I was really impressed by the choice. There were top designer names, including Diane von Furstenberg, Vogue, William Morris and high street brands such as Ted Baker and Rayban. The collections are really on trend.

“An important part of the service for me is the attention to detail. At Visioncare staff are on hand to help you choose a style that suits your shape of face. The package I chose included both frame and prescription polarised lenses. The time period recommended by Ronan was a great idea, as it allowed me to check that my main glasses were just what I needed before ordering my prescription lenses.

“In my job as an administrator, I always ask questions. I found the team at Visioncare took a genuine interest in my queries and the aftercare service offered to me was exceptional. A reminder letter was posted out to me five months after my main glasses had been collected. I was advised to call in to the practice to give my glasses a check-up and service. A staff member cleans your spectacles, adjusts them, answers any questions you may have and also reminds you to redeem your discount on an extra pair of spectacles or sunglasses.

“I’m a very happy customer and will definitely be choosing Visioncare for my next check-up.”

Optician Ronan McKenna adds:

“Getting the right pair of frames is no mean feat, given the plethora of different styles out there. Ensuring your eyes are supported with top quality lenses that hold the perfect prescription is vital for long term, consistent eyecare, as well as being an accessory for your look, whatever your personal style. At Visioncare we strive to not just meet but to exceed the expectations of all of our customers.”

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Barry Slowey